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Re-jigging the old website folks, so be patient!
Will be clearing old pics & putting up new ones.

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Can't seeem to turn it round but just imagine we're tired after a long walk & are lying down!

 The little boat, ready now for the water

Click on this link to go to my blog about Goats etc. (It's not really about goats, more about life & the times we live in)

Bruce, one of my Irish mad dogs! (wish I'd called him Gaddafi)Bruce (as by the car)me (as opposed to Bruce)

 If you want to read occasional blogs about alternative living, off-grid energy, water from the heavens etc, click on this link: douggreenertech.blogspot.co.uk

Max, son of Bruce: a colour change!


My old boat "RIGAL" sold a long time ago due to a possibility of sinking!


The new boat as it should look like. Above is what it does look like. I've stored this pic as a guide to the rigging, which is one of my jobs once on the water

More to be added, mainly on a Sunday when there's buggar all on tv & I don't feel like doing anything physical; but if you want to contact me use this email address:  doug@dougdevos.co.uk

My ancient camper van that soaks up money like an oil rag but keeps on running but now sold (thanks be to ...)


A new addition to the fleet!A new addition to the fleet! YES!!! A Reliant Rialto no less! WOW!!! (No expence spared!)
SOLD! at a loss of 100gbp! but I had some fun with it!
May buy another one this winter! (or see my psychiatrist for a further course of treatment!)
My psychiatrist advised against it!

Anyone who wants to chat to go to my SKYPE address: DougGreenertech, but its not switched on all the time. So chat away if you feel the need! But here's another one at the bottom of the page: plus you can chat with me on Twitter if you're really bored!

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